Boards and Commissions

The City Council has established a network of advisory boards and commissions to help provide a direct means of involvement for its citizens. These sub-groups are important in that they enable citizens to participate in Texarkana's governmental process. Residents volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of the community. Click here for a listing of current committee members.

Airport Authority

The Airport Authority is composed of eight members and acts as a joint body with four representatives from the City of Texarkana, Texas and four representatives from the City of Texarkana, Arkansas. The Authority acts as an advisory board to the Airport Manager and the City Council. The Authority studies all phases of airport operations and makes recommendations for the most efficient operation of the airport. The Authority may propose bylaws and rules governing its functions in the operation of the airport.

Board of Adjustment 

The Board of Adjustment makes decisions on appeals, special exceptions, and requests for variances to the Zoning Ordinance. The board hears appeals that allege error in an order, requirement, decision or determination made by an administrative official regarding a zoning requirement. The board can also consider and permit the reconstruction of a non-conforming use.

Building & Standards Commission 

The Building and Standards Commission has the power to declare a building substandard and can order the repair of such structures to meet code specifications. Or in the alternative, the Commission can order the removal of substandard structures. The Commission is tasked with hearing and acting on appeals of the Fire and Building Codes. The Commission also reviews code revisions to the International Building Codes.

Building Code Revision Committee

The Committee reviews proposals by city staff for amendments to ordinances and codes involving city-wide residential and commercial building, construction and subdivision development and makes recommendations, based on its review, to the City Council for consideration in addition to recommendations of city staff. The Committee will hold meetings, conduct public hearings and receive comments from all interested persons, recommend amendments to the City’s various building and safety codes in order to enhance occupation of older structures without sacrificing the safety and well-being of the citizens and can divide into sub-committees to perform the functions of the Committee.

Civil Service Commission

The Commission was established to ensure compliance with the Texas Fire Fighters' and Police Officers' Civil Service Act, found in Texas Local Government Code Chapter 143. The powers and duties of the commission shall be those granted by the state under civil service law. If civil service law so provides, the commission shall have the power to promulgate rules and regulations for the proper conduct of its business, provided that no rules or regulations shall be made which are contrary to the provision of the civil service law.

Community Healthcore

Community Healthcore provides mental health and behavioral health services to North East Texas residents. The board serves as the mental health and intellectual disability governing authority for Bowie, Cass, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Panola, Red River, Rusk and Upshur counties.

Electrical Appeals & Advisory Board

The Electrical Appeals & Advisory Board has the following function: Any person, firm or corporation aggrieved by an interpretation of the National Electrical Code or by a decision or ruling by the Electrical Inspector, shall have the right to make an appeal in writing to this board. This board is also used to review code changes prior to submittal to Code revision.

Historical Landmark Preservation Committee

The Historic Landmark Preservation Committee adopts criteria for the designation of historic, architectural, and cultural landmarks and the delineation of historic districts, which shall be ratified by the City Council. The Committee recommends conferral of recognition upon the owners of landmarks or properties within districts by means of plaques; increases public awareness of the value of historic, cultural and architectural preservation, and makes recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council. The Historic Landmark Preservation Committee is authorized to promulgate a mission statement and internal rules, regulations, and bylaws not inconsistent with the city charter, city ordinances, and applicable state and federal laws.

Housing Authority

The Housing Authority professionally manages low rent public housing units in the city. It provides safe and affordable housing of reasonable quality for persons of low income, while administering programs that offer residents the opportunity to advance in society. The board oversees Housing Authority related activities.

Housing Finance Corporation

The Housing Finance Corporation has been organized for the purpose of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes and on behalf of the city, financing cost of residential ownership development that will provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for residents of the city at affordable prices.

Industrial Development Corporation

The Industrial Development Corporation board of directors, with the required approval of the City Council, finds and determines private financing of projects, narrowly defined to "the land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and improvements" to be required or suitable for the promotion of commercial or industrial development and expansion, the promotion of employment, or for use by commercial, manufacturing or industrial enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979.

Library Commission

The Library Commission functions to administer, operate, control and supervise the public library in Texarkana. The Commission meets monthly and its joint membership consists of five members appointed from each city of Texarkana.

Permit and License Appeal Board

The Permit and License Appeal Board has been established to review appeals resulting from the Police Chief’s denial of the issuance of a license for a sexually oriented business or the revoking of such license.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission hears, recommends, and determines matters related to zoning to include requests for: specific use permits, site plan approval and platting or subdivision control as specified or required under city ordinance, charter or state law. The Commission reviews matters related to the city’s comprehensive plan for the purpose of promoting health, safety, culture, historical significance and general welfare of the city. The commission also considers amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

Plumbing Appeals & Advisory Board

Any person, firm or corporation aggrieved by an interpretation of the Plumbing Code or by any decision or ruling by the Plumbing Inspector, shall have the right to make an appeal in writing to this board. This board also reviews changes in Plumbing Codes prior to submittal to code revision.

Riverbend Water Resources District Board

Riverbend is a political subdivision within the State of Texas under Section 59, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution. Riverbend is a governing body in which regional water groups and others come together in order to govern the area’s water infrastructure and resources for current and future needs. Riverbend has three primary purposes: 1) provide the governance structure for water resources that represent the region, 2) take leadership of regional water infrastructure issues facing the area, and 3) protect the ownership and distribution of water resources in the region.

TexAmericas Board of Directors

The TexAmericas Center’s mission is to transform former military land and buildings into a successful, privately held industrial park. By bringing together local governments and leading buisness executives, TexAmericas Center creates service-oriented, knowledgeable staff and abundant resources to support the establishment or expansion of business in the region. The board shall manage, control, and operate the authority.

TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Advisory Board)

The TIRZ board makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the administration of the TIRZ zones, prepares and adopts project plans, considers additions and/or changes to the project list, prepares reinvestment zone financing plans, arranges, implements, monitors, and submits all plans. The board also provides an annual report to the City Council for approval.

University PDD

The University Planned Development District board reviews and approves site plans for properties proposed for development within the UPDD boundary.